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Construction Spanish Words

This page is for construction company owners, managers, and employees.
These people need to know Construction Spanish. Here is a list of popular Construction Spanish words that are commonly used at the construction site. The Spanish sound files below were recorded by a native Spanish speaker from Mexico.

Construction Spanish
Play EnglishEnglishPlay SpanishSpanish
play air compressor play compresor de aire
play attic play desván, guardilla
play back door play puerta de atras
play basement play sotano
play bathroom play baño
play bedroom play recamera
play block play bloque
play blue print play cianotipo, anteproyecto
play bolt play tornillo, perno
play boots play botas
play brick play ladrillo
play building play edificio
play cabinetry play ebanisteria
play carpenter play carpintero
play carpentry play carpinteria
play carpet play carpeta
play concrete play concreto
play crane play grua
play deck play cubierta
play dig play excavar
play dining room play comedor
play dirt play tierra
play door play puerta
play electrician play electricista
play electricity play electricidad
play floor play piso
play frame play armadura
play framer play armazón
play front door play puerta de enfrente
play furnace play califactión
play grass play pasto
play hammer play martillo
play hand saw play serrucho
play hole play hueco, hoyo
play kitchen play cocina
play lawn play césped
play lighting play iluminación
play living room play sala
play nail play clavo
play nail gun play pistola de clavo
play nut play tuerca
play paint play pintura
play paneling play revestimiento de madera
play permit play permiso
play plan play plan, proyecto
play plumber play plomero
play porch play porche
play property play propiedad
play rafter play par (de un techo)
play roof play techo
play roofer play techero
play room play cuarto
play rope play sogo, cuerda
play sandpaper play papel de lija
play saw play sierra
play screw play tornillo
play screwdriver play destornillador
play septic tank play fosa septíca
play shovel play palo
play sidewalk play acera
play siding play tablas de forro
play steel play acero
play stone play piedra
play stud play montante, tachón
play to sand play lijar
play tool belt play cinta de herramientas
play tool box play caja de herramientas
play tools play herramientas
play tree play arbol
play truck play camión
play utility play servicio publico
play wall play pared
play washer play arandela
play water play agua
play water heater play calentón de agua
play well play pozo
play wheel barrow play carretilla
play window play ventana
play wood play madera
play work bench play mesa de trabajo
play work week play semana laboral
play workmanship play destreza
play workshop play taller
play worktable play mesa de trabajo
play wrench play llave

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