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Landscaping Online Spanish

Learn Spanish for the landscaping industry. The Spanish phrases on this page will give you the Spanish words you need to work in landscaping. Working with mowing machines, talking about trees, plants, flowers, gardening, etc. Calling the tools used in landscaping by their Spanish names. Listen to the real, native audio recordings to learn to make the correct pronunciation of these words.The Spanish sound files below were recorded by a native Spanish speaker from Mexico.

Landscaping Spanish
Play EnglishEnglishPlay SpanishSpanish
play ant play ormiga
play bag play bolsa
play bucket play cubeta
play chain play cadena
play cloudy play nublado
play drought play sequia
play fix play arreglar
play flower play flor
play frost play escarcha
play gasoline play gasolina
play humid play humedo
play ice play hielo
play lake play lago
play lawn play cesped
play lawn mower play machina para cortar cesped
play leaves play hojas
play plant play planta
play rain play lluvia
play rake play rastrillo
play river play rio
play salt play sal
play sand play arena
play saw play serucha
play snow play nieve
play snow shovel play palo de nieve
play soil play tierra
play stone play piedra
play sunny play soleado
play tools play heramientas
play tree play arbol
play wet play mojado
play wind play viento

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