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Medical Spanish Words

Doctors, Interns, Nurses, Paramedics. These people need to know Medical Spanish. Here is a list of popular Medical Spanish words that are commonly used in hospitals and doctor's offices. The Spanish sound files below were recorded by a native Spanish speaker from Mexico. In addition to the medical terms with sound on this page, you can also listen listen to native spanish speaker recorded phrases on this site. This link takes you to phrases related to doctors, pharmacy, and health care.

Medical Spanish
Play EnglishEnglishPlay SpanishSpanish
play heart play corazon
play brain play cerebro
play intestine play intestino
play kidney play rinon
play liver play higado
play spleen play vientre
play pancreas play pancreas
play lung play pulmon
play gallbladder play vesicula
play head play cabeza
play nose play nariz
play cheek play mejilla
play hair play pelo
play chin play barba
play eye play ojo
play ear play oreja
play lip play labio
play face play cara
play mouth play boca
play neck play cuello
play tounge play lengua
play forehead play frente
play back play espalda
play chest play pecho
play waist play cintura
play hip play cadera
play stomach play estomago
play shoulder play hombro
play rib play costilla
play arm play brazo
play ankle play tobillo
play elbow play codo
play foot play pie
play finger play dedo
play toe play dedo del pie
play wrist play muneca
play heel play talon
play leg play pierna
play hand play mano
play knee play rodilla
play fingernail play una
play fist play puno

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