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Popular Spanish Words

The most-used Spanish words. Things you do and talk about dozens of time every day. Like opening and closing something, starting and stoping something, beginning and finishing something. Common verbs like walk, talk, and to look for something. Everyday items found around the house, or things you see when you go out for a walk or to the store. How to say if you need more, or if it's too much or too little of something. The Spanish sound files below were recorded by a native Spanish speaker from Mexico.

Popular Spanish
Play EnglishEnglishPlay SpanishSpanish
play open play abrir
play to finish play acabar
play activity play actividad
play water play agua
play now play ahora
play air play aire
play something play algo
play someone, somebody play alguien
play to add play aņadir
play both play ambos
play to walk play andar
play year play aņo
play before play antes
play to learn play apprender
play here play aqui
play like this play asi
play to help play ayudar
play to look for play buscar
play street play calle
play bed play cama
play to fall play caer
play to sing play cantar
play face play cara
play letter play carta
play almost play casi
play celebrate play celebrar
play to close play cerrar
play sky play cielo
play how play como
play to eat play comer
play to buy play comprar
play with play con
play to drive play manejar
play to obtain play conseguir
play to count play contar
play against play contra
play to control play controlar
play to cut play cortar
play to grow play crecer
play to cross play cruzar
play any play cualquier
play when play cuando
play thing play cosa
play to run play correr
play to believe play creer
play how much play cuanto
play to cover play cubrir
play body play cuerpo
play to give play dar
play of, from play de
play to owe play deber
play to dedicate play dedicar
play to defend play defender
play to leave play dejar
play right play derecha
play too much play demasiado
play to discover play descubrir
play from, since play desde

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