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Restaurant Spanish Words

This page is for restaurant owners, managers, waitresses, and waiters. These people need to know Restaurant Spanish. Here is a list of popular Restaurant Spanish words that are commonly used in restaurants and kitchens. You'll find the Spanish words to talk about popular restaurant dishes, and meal ingredients. Also included are various parts of a restaurant like the kitchesn the bar, or the washrooms. Different tools used in the restaurant and food preparation like the machine to wash the dishes, and the frying pans.The Spanish sound files below were recorded by a native Spanish speaker from Mexico.

Restaurant Spanish
Play EnglishEnglishPlay SpanishSpanish
play a slice play una rebanada
play apetizer play aperitivo
play atmosphere play anviente
play bacon play tocino
play bar play bar
play bathroom play baño
play beef play carne de res
play beer play cervesa
play berverage play bebida
play booth play cabina
play bread play pan
play breakfast play desauno
play bus boy play ayudante de cocinero
play butter play mantequilla
play chair play cilla
play check play cuenta
play cheese play queso
play chicken play pollo
play chips play papas fritas
play coffee play café
play couch play sofa
play counter play tablero
play cream play crema para café
play cuisine play arte culinaria
play desert play postre
play dinner play sena
play dishwasher play maquina para lavar trastes
play entre play plato principal
play food play comida
play fork play tenedor
play freezer play congelador
play frozen play congelado
play fruit play fruta
play frying pan play sarten
play guest play invitado, huesped
play guest check play cuenta de invitado (huesped)
play hamburger play hamborguesa
play host play anfitrion, mesonero
play hostess play anfitriona, camarera
play ice play hielo
play ice cream play nieve
play ketchup play salsa de tomate
play kitchen play cocina
play knife play navaja
play ladies' room play damas
play lunch play almuerzo
play market play mercado
play meat play carne
play mens' room play caballeros
play menu play menu, carta
play microwave oven play horno de microhondas
play mustard play mostasa
play napkin play servilleta
play non-smoking play lugar de no fumar
play onions play sebolla
play order play pedido
play oven play horno
play paper towel play toualla de papel
play pepper play pimienta
play pie play pay
play place setting play cubierto
play plate play plato
play pot for cooking play cazuela, olla
play pot holder play agarrador para utensilios calientes
play potato play papa
play poultry play aves de corral
play price play precio
play refrigerator play refrigirador
play reservation play reservación
play restaurant play restaurante
play restauteur play dueño de restaurante
play salt play sal
play scoop play cucharon
play sink play fregadero
play slicer play maquina de cortar
play smoking play fumar
play soup play sopa
play sour crème play crema
play spoon play cuchara
play stool play banco para sentar
play stove play estufa
play table play mesa
play table cloth play mantel
play take out play comida para llevar
play tea play te
play telephone play teléfono
play to cut play cortar
play to go play para llevar
play to slice play rebanar
play towel play toualla
play wait time play tiempo de esperar
play waiter play mesero
play waitress play mesera
play washroom play baño
play window play ventana
play wine play vino

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